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  • Clarinet repair in quarantine !


    Hello, so today I’m going to repair my clarinet. I never do that alone. I always bring my clarinet to the professionals to make it repair, because this is the right way to do, especially if you’re not experienced. Like me, I repaired my older clarinets before, but I have to admit that I never […]

  • Beginners Guide: Starting Clarinet


    Hey guys, what’s up it’s clarinet Heights here and I’m gon na be making a video today about beginning band for clarinets and when all you need to know and one all you need to have before you start band class. So let’s just jump right into the video. So first you’re going to what […]

  • Leaky Pads: Clarinet Instrument Repair


    Sometimes you have a spring that is either broken. It just doesn’t function right. The instrument is obviously leaking something knees, hold it down. I kind of mentioned to stay away from the big, the big rubber bands. They do work well as a spring material, but something I’ve recently found that I really like […]

  • Cork Replacement: Clarinet Instrument Repair


    Hi, this is Master Sergeant, Dale Barton today we’re going to be talking about cork, specifically tenant corks on clarinets oboes and such that also applies to mouthpiece corks, some of the first kind of don’ts on these when they’re loose attempting to reglue them often is a really Bad idea it makes for a […]