How to Play Faster on the Clarinet with Jazz Artist Eddie Daniels

Yeah so, as I said before, it’s not what you play, but how you play it. A lot of people want to know how do I play fast and even sometimes, to my own detriment, I’ll pick up the clarinet and I’ll play fast when I’m not warmed up, and I find that my fingers don’t find the holes exactly how I want them to Not it not the same as when I’m warmed up and having played for 20 minutes, and so what I realize – and this is magical, that you can learn more about playing fast by playing one note, [ Laughter ]. So you might say well how’s, that going to help me play fast how you’re not moving well. The point is when you’re moving you have to land and when you’re moving and you have to land on a note, if you don’t know where the landing pad is, and you haven’t gotten accustomed to it, then you’re going to be just moving your fingers all over The place and you miss so moving fast, is not the issue. It’S finding the place where you land, because the note doesn’t come out until your finger is on a notes.

So I may have. I may go, but each one of those notes haves landing places and I’ve sat on those notes. So while I’m playing that slowly, each one of my fingers is getting to be at home in its home, I like to use the analogy of parking your car in the garage you know when you zoom into you. Have let’s say you have a garage. Hopefully, if you don’t we’re not talking about in your building in the city when you’re trying to or back into a spot, let’s say you have your garage and the garage door opens you’ve done it so many times, but the first few times you’re not going to Work one into the garage – you won’t do that you’re gon na miss and most likely, even for the rest of your life you’re, going to take your time going into that garage to find that spot, and you may even have this little dingy thing hanging down that Stops at your windshield, so you won’t go any further, but then there are times when you’re in a hurry and you I’ve done it so many times.

Slowly so many times, you’ve gotten in your car and you’re coming around the turn, and you know and your wife is waiting for you or your mother or your parents, and you go slowly into your spot. You shut off your car, you don’t rush it and so that’s kind of how practicing is you learn your where to park your fingers they’re little places to put, and if you don’t know where they are, you can move your fingers all over the place. That’S what it’s going to sound like see. There was no, I didn’t really concentrate on the landing, even though that’s okay, I wouldn’t you know there was a time where I wouldn’t lie, but it’s not the same as, and I also changed this out. [ Applause, ], [, Music, ] you so my finger is getting comfortable on that F hole.

It’S getting at home, its feeling comfortable. So then, when I have to go to it, it’s been there a while it says. Oh, I know where that is. You have to kind of tell your brain where it is. It’S like feeding a computer like having a machine make something you have to program it so you’re both looking at me, so wondering what are they looking at?

You could leave that in it’s nice, it’s cute. So important to play slowly because when I have to struggle when I have to when I do struggle over things, and I do and my fingers don’t do what I wanted to do – I slow it down. I just slow it down and so slowly that my hands are so comfortable and at home in all of those places that it has to go that when it has to move the movement is in between getting to the landing. And if you land, you’re cool [ Applause ] – and I forgot to tell you that when you play slow, when you hold a note, you start feeling things and you start liking the music. That’S where all the heart comes in.

When you hold a note so there it is, you

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