12 Things that Most Don’t Know About the Great Artie Shaw

Artie Shaw And The Rangers

Everyone knows that Artie Shaw was the “King of the Clarinet,” he was an infamous lover, and a brave soldier. Few know anything beyond that! Here are some snippets of the unknown Artie Shaw:

  1. From 1984 until 1996, Artie was an Honorary Vice-President of the swimming federation, FINA.
  2. When given the opportunity to write a tell-all book about his famous ex-wives and make a six-figure payday advance, he rejected the offer.
  3. Technically he was only married 6 times, not eight, because two were annulled.
  4. He survived the usually-fatal blood disease, granulocytopenia, in 1939
  5. Artie loved to play chess.
  6. He was a friend of authors Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, and Sinclair Lewis
  7. In 1972, Artie Shaw and his spouse Evelyn Keyes were in the thriller “Across 110th Street.”
  8. Artie was nationally-ranked as a precision marksman and he was also a top level fly fisherman
  9. For the last years of Artie’s life, he suffered with diabetes.
  10. Artie loved luxury cars and sports cars, this included Lexus and Mercedes 
  11. He had a pet dog named Chester Chaucer, an English sheepdog. 
  12. Artie’s home was filled with over 15,000 volumes in his private library.

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