Doreen’s Clarinet Lesson The “Growl”.

Hello: everyone, it’s doreen me and my shy, and today we are going to do a lesson, a clarinet lesson based upon a request that i got through facebook messenger. But before we go through that, let’s let me first apologize because it’s been about three weeks since we had this clarinet lesson that i said i was going to do every week, but we had a storm threat. Hurricane threat um the first uh week, and then we had my birthday, thank god that hurricane missed us and thank you for my birthday and just now we had another uh storm threat, really it’s october. Of course storm season lasts until the end of november. I understand that, but really october come on anyway um and, to recap on what we were doing.

Uh here is the paypal information and it’s in the right the right way: the right direction. I’Ve had it in the wrong direction for about three weeks or four weeks of a clarinet lesson broadcast and um this uh. When you donate um, we i had decided that um. We would give a percentage of the donations to our friends in lake charles who are very dear to us and who are really suffering. I mean it’s one thing to go through a hurricane and then to start recovering from it and then have another hurricane to come.

Uh and enter just interrupt your progress and push you back and that’s basically what has happened uh to these people now hurricanes are bad enough, but now you know they have to deal with the storm after the storm, which are the insurance adjusters. Now, if you are an insurance adjuster who cares about people? Thank god for you, because you know you’re few and far between, but most of them. You know they come through there and they’re, only really thinking about the insurance company and they’re cutting corners and everything. And it’s really sad, i mean very, very sad, it’s as if they have not gone through this kind of stuff themselves.

Anyway, we are trying to you, know, cut a check uh to these families and help them out. I mean and we’re honest, so you know don’t think it’s you know just going in my pocket or anything. I couldn’t possibly do that, but uh. I am trying to build up um. So it means something.

You know you don’t want to give somebody a check for 100 bucks. I mean you know when the roof has been torn off come on, so i’m trying to let it build up and uh, but i have already contacted them and um. They are very grateful. So if you are, you know willing to uh help out here. It is again that’s the paypal and the venmo, and you can give because you um want to help these people and us you could also give because you’re like me, you can give because you like clarinet lessons you can give, because you like jazz, you can give Because we have been giving our music to the public on the streets of new orleans and around the world for free and people have been donating uh.

And it has felt wonderful, absolutely great to raise my clarinet to the sky, to the sun and just express myself and people liking it and you know donating uh, and i can’t do that right now because of the pandemic uh. So i’m doing things from my living room, and so we have virtual buckets. So, if you you know, are in the spirit of everything that is wholesome and supportive, please donate so here we go back to the clarinet lessons and again i want to apologize, because i said i was going to do these every week and you know those natural Disasters tend to you know, slow things down, but anyway it’s on the ground, um and the ground. Just gets you wondering right. So there are two ways for me because you know i’m not going to teach you i’m not going to try to teach you something.

I don’t know anything about i’m going to teach you what i know and the first one is uh like uh you’re gargling, your throat right. You know you put something in there. You go. You know like that right. So that’s the one way uh and the second way that i know of – and there are probably a whole bunch of ways to do this, but i only know two.

The second way that i know of is a spanish r, which is you know what i mean now, even though, when i tell them to you, they both sound, very different. When i actually do them on my clarinet, they sound exactly the same i’ll show you. This is the first way, the gargoyle all right. Here’S the second way, which is the spanish arm yay, so they sound exactly the same, but the execution of them is totally different like for me um to try and do the gargle. The setup is just so.

It takes seconds, but it interrupts the line you know. So i don’t do that one that much now, i’m sure if i practiced it just like anything else, it would be just as easy as anything else, but i don’t practice it because i do the other one. So much better and um, you know the the transition from doing the the growl uh and not is le is milliseconds. So naturally i do that more uh. Now i guess a pr a way to practice.

This is to start out and we’re done with the the gargle thing, because i don’t do that very well and i’m not gon na sit here and sound bad because freddy kemp told me a long time ago and if you don’t know, freddie kemp he’s this tenor. Saxophone player, that’s absolutely fabulous. Um used to play with fats, domino and um. He used to teach us. You know we were learning this jazz in the beginning and freddie kim said.

Let me tell you something: bad record: uh, bad performances. They come and go but bad recordings they haunt you forever, meaning you could be minding your own business feeling really good about yourself and turn on radio and somebody put on this bad recording that you did you’d be like oh mess up your whole day right. So i we’re done with that. First growl thing: okay, the gargling spanish art there. It is so i guess a good way to start would be to uh to practice.

It would be to okay. So what i just did was, i started the note and then i started growling and then i stopped so and that’s on the g, because you know things are easier on g, much easier, uh and these are shorts. So i can’t make this too long. Remember if you want a clarinet lesson, hit me up on messenger and i’ll. Do you 45 minutes and i’ll show you how to do this growl, but right now it’s a short now um, let’s see so another way to do.

It is to actually start with the ground. Another way it would be done. You know it’s like that, that’s all i can say uh and you can rewind this and everything. So you can start the growl by playing a note on g and then starting the growl and then releasing it, because you don’t want to just know how to do the growl because it won’t make any sense. You know what i mean.

Oh you could you know. Well, you know you can rewind it and then you get stronger with it and of course you have to continue to put the air flow through and everything and you can do it on more nose, [, Music, ] right and once you’re um uh. Once you put enough air through it, you can go [, Music, ], [ Applause, ] right and that’s the growl. Oh, you can also do it high. Now it’s different when you do it high, because you know you got to get your throat together and all sorts of stuff, but it’s still possible.

[ Applause, ] right, so [ Applause, ] and there you go so um, that’s the ground! Now the song! Oh, i know we can do house of rising sun i’ll just do a little bit of it, because it’s a slow song that lasts for a long time, and these are supposed to be shorts and already we’re at nine minutes. Oh, my goodness, so here we go me mm-hmm [, Music, ], [, Music, ] yay. There you go that’s the ground, all the best, y’all love y’all.

So much oh and please remember the paypal. Yay help support us. We really appreciate it, love y’all, still and uh. You got any other things you want to know that i know hit me up: i’m good facebook, messenger under doreen, j ketchens and i’m going to start checking the doreen catchings, the fan page and the doreen’s jazz new orleans, because you know i forget to check those And people send messages all the time and i don’t get those because i don’t. I have to do something special to get those so please uh, keep on checking us out, really appreciate it and um all the best to y’all enjoy see you next week.

In the meantime, doreen and her shine are on their way uh to practicing right now, and you know i’ll, let you in on a practice session every so often, but not today, so y’all have a great one. All the best love y’all, bye,

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