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  • Leaky Pads: Clarinet Instrument Repair


    Sometimes you have a spring that is either broken. It just doesn’t function right. The instrument is obviously leaking something knees, hold it down. I kind of mentioned to stay away from the big, the big rubber bands. They do work well as a spring material, but something I’ve recently found that I really like […]

  • Cork Replacement: Clarinet Instrument Repair


    Hi, this is Master Sergeant, Dale Barton today we’re going to be talking about cork, specifically tenant corks on clarinets oboes and such that also applies to mouthpiece corks, some of the first kind of don’ts on these when they’re loose attempting to reglue them often is a really Bad idea it makes for a […]

  • Care Tips and Maintenance Guide for the Clarinet

    Buffet Crampon Paris R13 Festival Professional Bb Wood 57

    The Clarinet consists of seven (7) parts: The Bell Section The Lower Joint The Upper Joint The Barrel The Mouthpiece The Ligature The Reed Special Note: Before assembling the clarinet, rub a small amount of cork grease into the lower joint tenon cork, the upper joint tenon cork, and the mouthpiece tenon cork. Be sure […]

  • Coronavirus Hygiene Advice for Your Clarinet

    Coronavirus hygiene advice for clarinetist

    Many diseases like measles, chickenpox, and staphylococcus infections are often spread by saliva. Since there is no casual way of knowing whether or not someone has the disease-causing germs/virus, we are all responsible to protect ourselves and take these proactive steps to reduce the spread of disease. Regarding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and recent developments […]