Doreen’s Clarinet Lessons – “Improvisation in 5 easy steps”.

Hello, everyone. It’S me the queen, doreen me and my shine, and today we’re going to teach you all how to improvise in five easy steps. That’S right and these are shorts. So that means i’m not going to talk too much all right and uh. I’M gon na play a little bit.

I’M gon na teach you a little something all right now. These we’re gon na skip a few steps because we’re not the five steps but we’re gon na go real fast, because these are shorts all right now, if you want a lesson hit me up on facebook, messenger at doreen, j kitchens, all right, and also we have Virtual buckets, if you like what you hear if you learn a little something and you’re able to if you’re able to please drop something in a virtual bucket, really appreciate it, and for those of you who drop like 20 bucks or something like that, you can get A face mask or a different kind of face, mask [, Music ]. You know and uh. Please visit the website because we have shirts hey, oh cups, you name it. You can have dorina all over the place, but in the meantime, uh improvisation in five easy steps.

Here we go, improvisation, improve that’s what that’s what’s in it right and that’s what you’re going to do, you’re going to improve upon the melody all right, you’re going to change it! That’S all! Now, when you first start, maybe you’re not improving upon a melody, but that takes practice and you’ll get it all right, but you have to have a melody all right. Usually i start my students off with a nursery rhyme, because the nursery rhyme you’ve been hearing all your life all right. So, let’s, for the sake of uh, getting moving mary had a little lamb, [ Music ].

I could have pretty that up, but that’s not what the lessons are. The lessons on improvisation. So that’s your melody step, one! You have to establish a melody now you’re gon na change that melody. What’S the simplest way to change that melody step, two, the rhythm: you change, the rhythm: how do you change the rhythm?

You either add notes or subtract notes? That’S how you change the rhythm, so you go for it: [, Music, ]. What yeah? It’S that simple! You just changed the melody all right, you just did some improvisation, all right people say: oh, my goodness, gracious.

How do you do that on that improvisation? No, i can’t do that at all. Yes, you can, yes, you can. You can make a mistake and improv you just got ta resolve it the right way, all right because you’re changing it. That’S step two step.

Three, let’s put some fillers in it all right. What’S a filler, it is just what it sounds like a filler. It doesn’t have to be complicated, make it a triplet, [, Music, ] yeah, that’s it and it doesn’t have to be there. It could be [, Music ]. All right!

That’S your filler! Now you have to strategically place that filler. But if you’re thinking, melodically you’ll know where to put it, for instance, [ Music, ] phyllis, isn’t that cool right? Don’T worry, we’ll finish the song but later, but right now we’re just tackling the uh the steps that was step. Three fillers step.

Four, let’s put an intro on it. Still three notes, that’s right! That’S all it is. Am i speaking loud enough because see that’s been a major complaint that you know you can hear the clarinet, but you can’t hear me talking and i’m talking more than i’m playing all right. So here we go three notes.

That’S all you have to do. That’S your intro [ Music ]! That’S your intro! All right now, melody rhythm fillers intro. What could the last step possibly be?

What could that fifth step, possibly be hey? You got ta end this right. Okay, so put an ending on it. What’S a good ending! Still three notes – i mean you know we’re talking basics here, all right: we’re building we’re building foundations here, all right, so [, Music, ]!

That’S right! That’S it all right! So putting it all together, how’s that that’s right, tada, just improvised on their head, a little lamb. How you like that and you take those five steps and you apply them to everything. Now, that’s melodically!

You still need to know what you’re doing you still need to know that you’re in the key of c you’re, starting on the third degree of the scale of the scale and you’re, using basically that key signature all right. But uh. It gets a little complicated. But when you learn, when you understand it’s really simple all right, so i said we’re gon na, do the lesson and then we’re gon na do a song, that’s related to the lesson well to end. It might as well do mary had a little lamb right.

All right, but before we do that, once more because they’re virtual buckets i got to let you know where they are there, it is all right and also, if you give about 20 bucks, you get a face, mask various styles, yes, and please go to www.doreensjazz.com and Order some stuff: we really appreciate it if you’re able to all right and um, i have from some friends in lake charles, so uh for every you know: 20 bucks you give i’ll, give five bucks to them, uh just to help them out, because you know we’ve Been through it and it ain’t good, it ain’t easy and they got hit really hard all right. So here we go mary had a little lamb and i want to tell y’all. Thank you all so much.

I didn’t realize how much of my soul went into those performances i mean performing four or five times a week is just so uplifting and so wonderful and having that strip from you because of this pandemic. It’S a hard pill to swallow. It really and truly is, but by the grace of god, by the end, by giving us the internet, facebook youtube instagram. Oh my goodness, gracious we have been able to reach you and you have been able to reach us and we really appreciate it. So thank you.

All so very much all right here we go mary had a little lamb, doreen style and remember apply all of this stuff to whatever you want to do, and you got it: [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ]. That’S how you improvise all the best y’all love you all so very much, please remember donate. If you can and see you next week, all the best

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