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Clarinet reeds
For centuries man has been using clarinet reeds due to their appealing sound, and to this day the clarinet forms the main parts of an orchestra. Clarinet reeds instrument parts are made using different kinds of materials like ivory, wood, metal, resin, plastic or hard rubber. The majority of the clarinet used by great musicians are made using African hardwoods, like the boxwood.   The least expensive clarinets are made using plastic resin. The material is also known as Resonate a trade Selmer trademark. The metal soprano clarinets were mostly used in the ancient time before plastic took over. However, metal clarinets are still in use nowadays but mainly in the bodies of other specialized instruments, their necks and bells. In this article, we look at the best clarinets reeds to use in music.    


This clarinet is available in various versions to meet diverse musical needs. The Vandoren Clarinet Reeds are the type of clarinet reeds that have an excellent response when used in all registers, hence allowing the players to perform any pianissimo attacks at the highest expected notes. The reed is highly flexible, which helps the players to efficiently execute a staccato or legato at large intervals as they maintain the quality of the musical tone, giving clarity to the sound. It’s good to note each reed is sealed tightly to ensure freshness.  Some Vandoren Clarinet Reeds are made with a thicker cane having a heel taper. The reeds produce a high-quality sound that is centered and very pure as they provide a maximum quick response when required. The strength scale of the clarinet is specific hence creating consistently.


These Clarinet Reeds are somehow thick and produce a high-quality and warm tone. They are suitable for advancing students as well as professional clarinet players. They possess a heavy spine which promotes the quality of the tone and the flexibility in the registers. The reeds are equipped with the right thickness, therefore, making it very easy for users when using the reeds. The reeds are available in various strengths ranging from 2.0 – 4.5.


These reeds offer immediate response, and they are very consistent. The reeds are also very durable hence you rely on for some time. These clarinet reeds can be found in the market as Signature Series. The clarinet reeds Signature Series are perfectly centered, and they produce a very warm as well as quality tone in the instrument registers. The reeds are thinner and stiffer than the natural cane hence producing a focused, clear sound which requires little effort. The Series flexibility offers different colorful overtones. The clarinet ease of articulation and free blowing nature makes the clarinet friendly to all player, either beginners or experts. Therefore it’s good for all clarinet players to opt to install the best clarinet reeds in the instrument. The best clarinet reeds discussed above possess unique characteristics which can suit all player preference. When buying the best clarinet reeds, it’s good to look at the most appealing features.


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