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  • Leaky Pads: Clarinet Instrument Repair


    Sometimes you have a spring that is either broken. It just doesn’t function right. The instrument is obviously leaking something knees, hold it down. I kind of mentioned to stay away from the big, the big rubber bands. They do work well as a spring material, but something I’ve recently found that I really like […]

  • How to Play Faster on the Clarinet with Jazz Artist Eddie Daniels


    Yeah so, as I said before, it’s not what you play, but how you play it. A lot of people want to know how do I play fast and even sometimes, to my own detriment, I’ll pick up the clarinet and I’ll play fast when I’m not warmed up, and I find that my fingers […]

  • Doreen’s Clarinet Lesson The “Growl”.


    Hello: everyone, it’s doreen me and my shy, and today we are going to do a lesson, a clarinet lesson based upon a request that i got through facebook messenger. But before we go through that, let’s let me first apologize because it’s been about three weeks since we had this clarinet lesson that i […]

  • Doreen’s Clarinet Lessons – “Improvisation in 5 easy steps”.


    Hello, everyone. It’S me the queen, doreen me and my shine, and today we’re going to teach you all how to improvise in five easy steps. That’S right and these are shorts. So that means i’m not going to talk too much all right and uh. I’M gon na play a little bit. I’M gon […]

  • Doreen’s Clarinet Lesson – Exercise in all keys.


    Hello, everyone. It’S me the queen me and my shine and today we’re going to work out some keys all right, because uh you got to be able to do things in more than one key uh. You know every so often somebody sends me an email and they want me to play with somebody […]

  • Doreen’s Clarinet Lesson (Working through difficult passages).


    Hi, y’all: it’s me the queen, Doreen me and my shine and today we’re going to fulfill a request. Uh. Thank you by the way for your request, because sometimes you don’t see me for a week, but it’s because I don’t have any ideas. Then I start reading. I’M, like oh yeah, sure thanks […]

  • More Advanced Tone Improvements to Teach to Your Clarinet Students | Backun Educator Series


    I’M going to show you a few things that will really help improve the tone of your clarinet students. Now sometimes these are considered a little bit more advanced techniques, but I actually really like to teach them as early as I can. As a student is learning because if they learn with good habits, […]

  • Cork Replacement: Clarinet Instrument Repair


    Hi, this is Master Sergeant, Dale Barton today we’re going to be talking about cork, specifically tenant corks on clarinets oboes and such that also applies to mouthpiece corks, some of the first kind of don’ts on these when they’re loose attempting to reglue them often is a really Bad idea it makes for a […]

  • How to play the clarinet (basics)


    Hello, I’m Alexandra, I’m from Orono high school and I will be teaching you how to play the clarinet today, like a basic understanding of it. Assemble the Clarinet So, first I’m going to go through how you assemble the clarinet, and I will talk about the different pieces of clarinet Carl okay. So, first […]

  • Clarinet Fingering Chart PDF

    New Fingering Chart.010

    This is an easy to follow, downloadable and printable, clarinet fingering chart for you to use as you practice the clarinet.