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  • History of the Jazz Age Diagram

    History of the Jazz Age Diagram

    This jazz history diagram, history of jazz chart, or Jazz Graph, of the interrelationships of Jazz Styles was gleaned from jazz historian, Joachim Berendt’s The Jazz Book. This book is indispensable to any person seeking a comprehensive survey of the history of jazz music. I have many times just wished I could see a visualization of how […]

  • Benny Goodman, who was known as the King of Swing

    Benny Goodman, who was known as the King of Swing

    Benjamin “Benny†David Goodman (May 30, 1909 – June 13, 1986) was one of the most important clarinetists and bandleaders of jazz and swing music and became known as the “Rajah of Rhythm†and the”King of Swing.†Born into a poor Jewish immigrant family from Russia, Benny became a household name as the “King of […]

  • top 15 famous jazz clarinet players

    top 15 famous jazz clarinet players

    Any attempt to make a list of famous jazz clarinet players is bound to fall short in someone’s mind. What even makes clarinet players famous? Is it how popular they are or how innovative they are? The most famous clarinet player may only be famous because a racially charged world wouldn’t allow for a person […]

  • Famous Clarinet Players

    Famous Clarinet Players

    You will come across plenty of famous clarinet players on the planet, and all of them do not play instruments of the same size. Moreover, they likewise don’t even play the identical genre; while some are more adept at  jazz, others might prefer playing something more contemporary. In the following paragraphs, we will mention several […]