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  • The Mysteries Of Skip James

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    Skip James’ strikingly singular music was a product of his surroundings, musical iconoclasm, and bizarre psychology. The standard 12-bar blues format and rough Mississippi rhythms were forsaken by James, who, despite the influence of local musicians and blues tradition, created a haunting style that made his music unique.


    When was the clarinet invented?

    “Clarinetto” is the romantic diminutive, or minor, of “clarion.” The Clarin trumpet (named after Clarino Blasen) of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The “clarinetto” of this period, due to its sound, was related primarily with the upper register of the trumpet.  Ancient Clarinet Instruments using single reeds with a cylindrical tube-shaped bore can be discovered […]

  • When was the Clarinet Invented?

    Clarinet was invented in renaissance

    Clarinets were first introduced during the Renaissance period. In 1690, Johann Cristoph Denner invented the clarinet. Of course, it looked very different than modern clarinets.

  • Jimmie Noone Moonshine and Music

    Jimmie Noone Moonshine and Music

    Jimmie Noone, amongst New Orleans’ early clarinet kings, possessed the best technique and a pure, almost classical sound. To some, his seemingly effortless delivery sounds shallow, or even lacks taste: but his sophisticated style opened the door for the Swing Era, and made him ultimately more influential than his peers Johnny Dodds and Sidney Bechet. […]

  • The Clarinet in Jazz History

    Jazz Clarinet History

    The jazz clarinet was one of the most important instruments in American jazz at the beginning of the 1900s.  From the origins of Dixieland in New Orleans through the height of its popularity in the Swing Era to today’s contemporary performers, the clarinet has been recognized among both musicians and the public as a major […]

  • The Vintage Silver Clarinet Story

    The Vintage Silver Clarinet Story

    Metal clarinets were in production from 1895-1965 with the majority being made between 1924-1939 for the American market. Attempts to make a metal clarinet before Agostino Rampone invented the double-walled design in 1879 were apparently useless experiments. The Rampone design was put forward by Conn with considerable success. Table of Contents Conn Wonder Double-walled Silver […]

  • Sidney Bechet: Summertime of Jazz

    Sidney Bechet: Summertime of Jazz

    Sidney Joseph Bechet (1897-1959) was one of the true fathers of jazz. He was the first to improvise fluently. The first clarinet player to make an impression in Europe. The first jazz player to be criticized by a musical scholar. The first to play a sax with grace. The first to record a multitrack, and […]

  • Mr Clarinet Phenomenon-Buddy DeFranco

    Portrait Of Buddy De Franco, New York, N.y., Ca. Sept. 1947

    by John Cipolla Boniface Ferdinand Leonard “Buddy“ DeFranco (1923 – 2014) was a phenomenon in the world of jazz. An artist who not only lived through the golden age of BeBop but embraced it heart and soul and spread it’s message for over 60 years. Buddy DeFranco played with more fire at 74 than he did at 30 and […]

  • Awesome Artie Shaw Songs and Selected Discography


    Artie Shaw Songs This is your starting place for an introduction to the music of Artie Shaw and his quintessential swing sound that defined a generation. Table of Contents begin the beguine Nightmare Nonstop flight Concerto for Clarinet Frenesi Artie Shaw Vinyl Albums You Need Artie Shaw Books You Should Read The Artie Shaw Spouse […]

  • 12 Things that Most Don’t Know About the Great Artie Shaw

    Artie Shaw And The Rangers

    Everyone knows that Artie Shaw was the “King of the Clarinet,” he was an infamous lover, and a brave soldier. Few know anything beyond that! Here are some snippets of the unknown Artie Shaw: From 1984 until 1996, Artie was an Honorary Vice-President of the swimming federation, FINA. When given the opportunity to write a […]