Doreen’s Clarinet Lesson – Exercise in all keys.


Hello, everyone. It’S me the queen me and my shine and today we’re going to work out some keys all right, because uh you got to be able to do things in more than one key uh. You know every so often somebody sends me an email and they want me to play with somebody and i’m like. Ah, okay i’ll do it and you know it usually works out really well, and this particular thing was in c flat concert. What never thought it worked out, fine, really, but what anyway?

So you need to learn how to play in different keys long before you’re, my age, all right, uh and you know you’re, probably young and you’re studious and you’ve got this down anyway. But for those of you who are like me like, i was, this is what you do, so you don’t want to just go randomly i mean uh. I picked something like uh force going going up and forwards because if you’re going up in fours, then there’s a pattern, that’s established in your mind and in your head, uh uh a pattern: that’s actually really nice to uh to be able to identify and to play. You know you could call upon that. That could be one of your tools.

You know like that loop and you know the different fillers and stuff like that. It could be a tool too um, but anyway um. What is it? [ Music, ] right um and then you wan na – and this is the basic building blocks. Okay, we’re gon na expand upon this and build upon this as we go, but these are the basic building blocks, so you wan na establish all the keys right and then you wan na build triads major triads right now on this particular exercise.

So we’ll go [. Music ] and then you just keep going uh with the major triad um and that’s it. So that’s a good exercise to start with, and you just want to do that, so you can familiarize yourself with the keys and the progression. You know because it’s a good progression like i said, uh to do and you could start it off slow and build upon that all right. So, let’s see and just go like that, and that’s it how’s that, oh, oh, if you like what you hear, is it this way yay, look the right way and don’t use that comma.

Is that the right way i don’t know, but anyway, you could, if it’s not the right way, look check it out anyway, um, if you like what you hear and you’re able to please support because yeah it’s been since march, but things are looking up. You know. There’S all kinds of stuff going on the vaccine and everything else like that and uh, so uh we’ll be up again soon. Thank you god. In the meantime, i did say whenever we did one of these, that i’d play a song um, you know in relationship in relation to what we talked about.

I have no idea what that would be. All i know is it’s christmas time and whatever you celebrate happy holidays to you. But if you celebrate christmas, like me, hey, we got ta play a christmas song, okay, um, so uh christmas song. You know jingle bells always comes to mind because i think that’s my favorite christmas carol of all time right, but there’s plenty others. Let me uh, hey gotcha, oh christmas tree, so thank you all so very much happy holidays to you too.

Merry christmas. Now i’m gon na see you next week because i said i was gon na do this every week, but in the meantime, just in case you are not here here we go [ Music, ], uh,

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