Beginners Guide: Starting Clarinet

Hey guys, what’s up it’s clarinet Heights here and I’m gon na be making a video today about beginning band for clarinets and when all you need to know and one all you need to have before you start band class. So let’s just jump right into the video. So first you’re going to what purchase on your net over summer break. So I have a list of some brands that I recommend there might be other brands out there. These aren’t the only ones I’m going to listen to you, the model and the brand, and these are all student clarinets, so they’re, all gon na be plastic, so they’re gon na be the best for you.

So we have a video reso tone. Any of the Bundy clarinets are just fine any of the summer. Clarinets are great, and if you could, I would suggest getting a summer. We also have a buff a b12. We also have a Yamaha ycl, two five five and we also have a Jupiter JCL, six 375.

Those are the ones that you should look out, for. We also have some that you need to avoid. Don’T ever get these unless it’s for a novelty and this one you guys are gon na absolutely hate me – do not give the color to clarinets. I don’t care how much you like the color blue. I promise you they spent more time putting the color into the plastic than determining the acoustics and the playability of the clarinet.

Don’T get me wrong. I’Ve seen some colored video clarinets out there that are really nice and I actually saw an orange one at a flea market and I was gon na get it and Vito clarinets are great but brands like Lazaro mendini. Those are the ones that you’re gon na find on eBay, that are about 90 bucks and there’s a reason why there are 90 bucks, because they’re not gon na last. You and a lot of the student models are meant for you to draw for you to go through high school with. If you don’t want to do, music professionally or in an intermediate level.

Most people play on those student model clarinets for at least 10 years, so make sure you get a good one and again suggest the buff a b12 or any of the silvers. That’S really great, so make sure you check those out now we’re gon na be looking at the places to purchase those clarinets. So my all-time favorite place to look for clarinets is eBay and I would suggest eBay to the kids whose parents are already have some experience with musical instruments, because your parents will know what to look for on eBay rather than someone who has no idea what they’re. Looking for and I would suggest, going to an actual music store and purchasing the clarinet through them and most fan programs are actually connected to a music store, so most of the kids instruments are going to be coming through those music stores. The reason I suggest to look in ebay first is because you can find some really good deals for a lot less than the music stores, so my first clarinet was an art li clarinet, and I still have that clarinet, that’s actually what my clarinet lamp is made Out of is my art Li and I paid actually my parents paid $ 300 for that clarinet from the music store.

Now, if you take into consideration my Buffet e11, which is an intermediate wooden very nice German made clarinet, I got the buffet 11 for a hundred and fifteen dollars more than the plastic piece of poop student model that I started on. So there’s something to consider. Ebay has some really good deals, there’s also Craigslist. I don’t have too much experience with Craigslist, but you can check on there see if you find anything. Also, Amazon has some decently good stuff and also you can check flea markets.

That’S actually where I found the fly. Dumont, Pierre clarinet that won’t play, and that was in another video – can check out the bigger that’s entitled my new clarinet. If you want, if you’re interested in looking at that, but I actually got this wooden clarinet, it played nicely whenever it did play 440. No, I got it for $ 35 at the flea market, so I just need to get it fixed and it’ll. Be really good.

I mean it would be a good student model, but it’s it’s like an intermediate cuz, it’s wood and it was only $ 35. So some people out there buying resell instruments, don’t know what they have and you could get a steal of a deal of people like that. So after you get the clarinet that you need you’re gon na be looking for beads, and I have how much these are. My used reeds, I’m keeping them and I’m gon na make an art project out of him at some point in my life. So I hope to have a whole lot more than these.

I’M very conservative with my reeds and I can make them last for at least four months as long as I continue working on them and ribbing them. So there’s not that many anything but the top Reed. Everyone suggests that you sort on whatever your big dinner is a Rico to size to breed, and I don’t think it’s actually like it’s just the Rico Reed, it’s not any special name. You can get a one and a half or two and the sizes are the softness of the reed so that one and a half is gon na be softer than the two and that’s gon na. Allow you to blow a little bit more and develop your lungs.

A little bit more before you hit the sides to read, then that it’s going to bring us to our next topic, which is the cleaning supplies you should have for your clarinet. So you have your clarinet swab, which swabs out the spit in the clarinet, and it’s very important to swap out your clarinet after each time that you play it. Even if it’s just a couple minutes, because whenever you leave the spit in the clarinet, it’s going to absorb into the pads on the clarinet and it’s going to make them, they would wear faster, so you’d had to get them replaced at some point. We also have a polishing cloth now. This is for wiping down the keys and, after a certain amount of time, you’re gon na get dunk finger, oils finger, nasties and hope to god.

You don’t get Cheetos on your keys, please don’t eat and play you just say. That was a really big problem in my the middle school band, but anyways wipe down your keys at this about every week and it will definitely prolong the life of your instrument and you’re also going to need some core degrees. It’S just a little tube. That looks like chapstick and it just pushes out like a regular chapstick, and you put this on your tuning corks to make sure you can put your clarinet together easily and not running any of your cork tunes. Now, since we have the basics of the clarinet you’re gon na need ones to avoid what you need to clean your clarinet, let’s step into the books that you should get for blank, so some books that I have seen a lot of throughout me progressing in my Clarinet are the standard of excellence, essential elements and that’s the book I learned out of.

As you can see, it is old. I’Ve had this since sixth grade. There is also the ha pal Leonard Roo bankbook, and that’s a Blue Book and get the elementary studies. It doesn’t mean you’re in elementary school. It just means it’s beginning and then there’s also accent on achievement.

Then there’s a blue book called foundations for superior performance and it’s really good for our foundations, doing long tones and doing leaps, and it’s a really nice book. So you should get that too, and I’ll have linked in the description all these items that I’m listing. So you guys don’t have to dig around on the internet. You can just click it and find out exactly where they are after you get your books and everything situated and you play through those a little bit. Your teachers, probably gon na, be handing you up actual sheet music, and what are you going to do with those to make them organized?

Well, I will show you get a decently sized binder, because I promise you’re gon na use the same binder throughout all a middle school and maybe even high school. So I don’t know how thick this is. I’Ve had this one for a while, and you put your music in these little clear, sleeve holders. I don’t know what they’re called, but there’s something and whenever you’re playing you can just sit it on the stand and sort of like that for all your music – and these were all this is all my high school music that I played on actually had a smaller One for middle school make sure you grab a binder before you start band class because you will need it. So if you guys have any other questions for some tips and tricks for beginning band class, make sure to let me know in the comments below if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and if you disliked it, give it a thumbs up anyways.

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