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  • Clarinet repair in quarantine !

    Clarinet repair in quarantine !

    Hello, so today I’m going to repair my clarinet. I never do that alone. I always bring my clarinet to the professionals to make it repair, because this is the right way to do, especially if you’re not experienced. Like me, I repaired my older clarinets before, but I have to admit that I never […]

  • Beginners Guide: Starting Clarinet

    Beginners Guide: Starting Clarinet

    Hey guys, what’s up it’s clarinet Heights here and I’m gon na be making a video today about beginning band for clarinets and when all you need to know and one all you need to have before you start band class. So let’s just jump right into the video. So first you’re going to what […]

  • How to Play New Orleans Style Clarinet

    How to Play New Orleans Style Clarinet

    Hi, my name is Eli Amon, I’m the heavy in instruction for the middle school jazz Academy here at Jazz at Lincoln Center, so happy, you’ve joined us today and we’re excited to be joined by new Orleans-based clarinetist Evan Christopher he’s going to be showing us how to Play on a great New Orleans […]

  • What Not To Do: Clarinet Instrument Repair

    What Not To Do: Clarinet Instrument Repair

    [, Music, ] hi, I’m Master, Sergeant, Dale Barton today we’re going to be talking about clarinets a lot of little emergency repairs, tricks and tips. First, we’re going to talk about what not to do first thing we’re going to cover today is things that I typically see that either you don’t want to […]

  • Doreen’s Clarinet Lesson – Exercise in all keys.

    Doreen’s Clarinet Lesson – Exercise in all keys.

    Hello, everyone. It’S me the queen me and my shine and today we’re going to work out some keys all right, because uh you got to be able to do things in more than one key uh. You know every so often somebody sends me an email and they want me to play with somebody […]



    Oh doing everything that i can yeah some saw some of those videos that you did. Oh yeah uh i mean the the one main show. You know oh yeah. Well, you know whatever you can keep your mind occupied so um. When did you play the clarinet? This was when uh. No, it was […]

  • Coronavirus Hygiene Advice for Your Clarinet

    Coronavirus Hygiene Advice for Your Clarinet

    Many diseases like measles, chickenpox, and staphylococcus infections are often spread by saliva. Since there is no casual way of knowing whether or not someone has the disease-causing germs/virus, we are all responsible to protect ourselves and take these proactive steps to reduce the spread of disease. Regarding the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and recent developments […]

  • Clarinet Humor

    Clarinet Humor

    The key here is to have a sense of humor about ourselves. Though clarinet players receive the brunt of many jokes, the ability to “take it” is a mark of resilience. If you are looking for a funny clarinet joke to share in band practice, or a bass clarinet joke to throw at that singular […]

  • What is the best beginner’s clarinet?

    What is the best beginner’s clarinet?

    How do you find the very best clarinet for beginners? You (or someone you love) want to start playing and need a student clarinet. Figuring out the criteria for the best beginner clarinet you can afford is crucial. Which good beginner clarinet has the best intersection of quality and price? As with most things in […]