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  • How to Make a Reed for a Clarinet

    How to Make a Reed for a Clarinet

    By CARL E. REINECKE, 1919 How to make your own reeds The making of satisfactory clarinet reeds is delicate work which can only be perfected through experience. First, cut off a piece of cane about the thickness of a half-dollar coin (see illustration No1). This piece of cane should be about the size of the…

  • buffet crampon clarinet serial numbers

    buffet crampon clarinet serial numbers

    With Buffet clarinets long history, sometimes figuring out the model and serial number can be exhilarating, principally for the potential thrill of discovering that the Buffet clarinet in your hands might be a rare and valuable model! In 1825, Denis Buffet-Auger began a clarinet workshop in Paris. In 1871, Leon Crampon became a partner and…

  • Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinet

    Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinet

    The legendary R13 Clarinet is the most well-known of the Buffet Crampon clarinets. It is often an automatic choice of many serious musicians. These clarinets are suitable for all types of musicians including students, professionals, teachers and soloists. Whether played in an orchestra, chamber group or marching band, this range has taken the composers’, conductors’…

  • ANAT COHEN: Claroscuro

    ANAT COHEN: Claroscuro

    Click here Anat Cohen – celebrated the world over for her expressive virtuosity on clarinet and saxophone, not to mention the sheer joie de vivre in her charismatic stage presence – presents the latest record of her evolution with Claroscuro, her sixth album as a bandleader. Claroscuro takes it’s title from the Spanish word describing…

  • The Essential Artie Shaw

    The Essential Artie Shaw

    For those who want Artie’s top hits and the artistic triumphs that brought him undying esteem, this 2-CD set is it! Smashes like Begin the Beguine; Back Bay Shuffle; Frenesi; Blues in the Night; Nightmare; Indian Love Call; Traffic Jam; Deep in a Dream, and Star Dust join an unissued Streamline (1936), and 28 more.…

  • The Essential Benny Goodman

    The Essential Benny Goodman

    Click here This fantastic new 2CD has Benny Goodman’s voluminous output to two “essential” CDs and 40 songs including the previously un-issued master takes of “Sing, Sing, Sing” and “Don’t Be That Way”. It represents his most vital and accessible recordings mostly from the 1930s and early 1940s when Goodman did his most innovative swing…

  • Squidward Clarinet

    Squidward Clarinet

    Squidward Clarinet Quotes Squidward Clarinet Songs Squidward Clarinet Meme Squidward Clarinet Gif Squidward Gift Ideas Without My Clarinet, The World Is Drab And Colorless. Squidward Tweet Squidward playing the clarinet is a revolution for young kids who want an instrument. Many parents have been approached by their children asking for “Squidward’s instrument.” It could be…

  • funny clarinet memes

    funny clarinet memes

    A collection of clarinet memes I have found! Enjoy!

  • clarinet quotes and sayings

    clarinet quotes and sayings

    Included in this list of clarinet quotes are inspirational quotes and funny quotes. There are quotes from famous clarinet players and clarinet sayings from your high school band teacher. Enjoy this and visit often, as I will put up new ones as I find them. That’s the clarinet I used to use . . .…

  • Clarinet Humor

    Clarinet Humor

    The key here is to have a sense of humor about ourselves. Though clarinet players receive the brunt of many jokes, the ability to “take it” is a mark of resilience. If you are looking for a funny clarinet joke to share in band practice, or a bass clarinet joke to throw at that singular…