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Famous Clarinet Players

You will come across plenty of famous clarinet players on the planet, and all of them do not play instruments of the same size. Moreover, they likewise don’t even play the identical genre; while some are more adept at  jazz, others might prefer playing something more contemporary. In the following paragraphs, we will mention several famous clarinet players who have enthralled the world with their phenomenal talent.

1. Carl Baermann

This individual happens to be the son of Heinrich Baermann and, at present, he has the reputation of being a music professor plus the writer of a clarinet publication used by many students for studying music. Apart from this, Carl is likewise responsible for improving clarinet mechanics to a great extent.

2. Sharon Kam

This lady, who was born in the country of Israel, has the distinction of winning a scholarship of the reputed Jewish-American cultural society when she was only 12 years old. From then onwards, Sharon has been performing numerous concerts throughout the world. She has contributed significantly to modernizing the art of clarinet music by adapting to various styles whenever required. Interestingly, she is one person who never plays in the identical fashion.

3. Anton Stadler

Anton Stadler is arguably the most reputed clarinet player ever. He has the distinction of playing inspired Mozart so as to author the majority of his compositions. It won’t be wrong to claim him as a guide to Mozart.

4. Benny Goodman

Being a world-renowned Jewish-American clarinet player, Benny Goodman began his career as a jazz musician. However, afterward, he transformed himself into a famous clarinet player who can boast of making some innovative recordings of traditional works in his own individual style.

Benny Goodman, The King Of Swing

One of the most important clarinetists and bandleaders of jazz and swing music

Benny Goodman, The King Of Swing

One of the most important clarinetists and bandleaders of jazz and swing music
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5. Jimmy Giuffre

This renowned artist arrived in this world in Dallas, Texas in the year 1921. He has the reputation of being a breathtaking clarinet player, saxophonist as well as arranger. He started his career during the 40s along with Woody Herman where he shot into fame by creating “Four Brothers” which was actually popular management of the band’s tune itself. He turned into a key player during the 50s while he worked along with individuals like Shorty Rogers as well as Shelley Manne. During the 60s, Jimmy joined Paul Bley, a reputed pianist, and also Steve Swallow, a famous bassist, and they together formed a formidable trio during that period. He went on to become an educator and also played in the 90s before expiring at the age of 86.

6. Margaret Knitel

This lady is known to be the first documented female clarinet player on the planet as well as the first basset horn artist in the United States. Being born in Switzerland, Margaret relocated to the US where she performed for the first time in Philadelphia. However, she had to bear lots of criticism from the American critics during that time. However, in spite of such heavy condemnation, she was likewise praised by many others for playing the instrument for the first time as a lady.

7. Pamela Weston

She’s one of the most famous clarinet players in history who had been a student of Frederick Thurston while studying at the Royal Academy of Music and afterward at the reputed Guildhall School of Music. Eventually, Pamela went on to become the professor of clarinet in the Guildhall School of Music itself. She presented her research on the history of the clarinet in her publications and articles amongst which Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past, Clarinet Virtuosi of Today and More Clarinet Virtuosi of the Past deserve special mention.

8.-Jimmy Dorsay

This awesome American clarinet player born in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania o February 29,1904, and with his brother, Tommy formed the Dorsey Brother Orchestra. they rose to fame during the big band and swing era of Jazz. In his rich career, he played in ensembles like the Nathaniel Shilkret Orchestra, Chesterfield Quarter Hour, and in the reunion with his brother Tommy at the “Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra featuring Jimmy Dorsey”

Tribute to Artie Shaw: The King of the Clarinet

Tribute to Artie Shaw: The King of the Clarinet

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Top 15 Famous Jazz Clarinet Players

Top 15 Famous Jazz Clarinet Players

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