Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinet

Buffet Crampon Paris R13 Festival Professional Bb Wood 57

The legendary R13 Clarinet is the most well-known of the Buffet Crampon clarinets. It is often an automatic choice of many serious musicians. These clarinets are suitable for all types of musicians including students, professionals, teachers and soloists. Whether played in an orchestra, chamber group or marching band, this range has taken the composers’, conductors’ and musicians needs into consideration. The power in all registers combined with flexibility and rich sound make this Buffet clarinet a very popular choice.

Buffet Crampon pro-level instruments just like the R13 are still created within the fine French instrument tradition at the historical production facility located in Mantes-la-Ville, France. Robert Care originally designed the Buffet Crampon R13 in the ‘50s, and ever since this extremely well-received clarinet has been refined and enhanced, keeping it a favorite for all advanced clarinetist.

In the 70s some of the keys and tone holes of the R13 Clarinet were adjusted along with the lowering and enlarging of the register vent enhance the tone of a throat B. After a further revamping in ‘95, the Buffet Crampon R13 has maintained its good name as the most beloved and enjoyable clarinets on the market today.  

New Innovations in the R13 Buffet Crampon Clarinets

The powerful Buffet Crampon R13 has continued to be popular due to its reputation for excellent construction and unmatched rich, round and lively tone quality in all registers. Aiding in the appreciation of clarinetist everywhere is how surprisingly easy it is to blow and create beautiful sound.

The R13 Buffet Crampon Clarinets  are made from grenadilla wood that’s chosen for acoustic quality and visual attractiveness. Some R13 models aren’t stained to retain and show the delicate deep beauty of this wood,.

New innovations have recently been introduced with Greenline R13 Clarinets. Unveiled in ‘94, This material is formed by combining carbon fiber and ebony wood powder. The results are a melding of the unmatched acoustical qualities of wood with the instrument’s capability to resist changes in humidity or temperature. The ensuing Buffet Crampon Greenline Clarinets aren’t only much more sturdy and resistant against cracks, they also facilitate the conservation and wise management of the limited Grenadilla tree wood. 

Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinets have two variations: one with silver-plated keys and the other with nickel-plated keys, every creates its own totally different, distinctive tonal sound.

Originally designed with the American market in mind, Robert Coree in 1955 created the R13. It is now the undisputed “go-to” professional clarinet in the world. With a poly-cylindrical bore through the middle of the clarinet, it creates a focussed, darker sound.

What benefit or effect does a poly-cylindrical bore have on a clarinet?

Poly-Cylindrical Bore seems to be an invention of Buffet Crampon specifically for the R13 Clarinet as a better way to enhance tuning between the different notes on a Clarinet.


Most Clarinets are typically crafted with a cylindrical bore carved through its center, whereas saxophones are conical with the increased width toward the end. In contrast a clarinet stays basically the same width up to the bell.

The notes produced by conical bore will be very different in timbre and so to compensate, clarinets are often tapered along the tone hole length, with each hole adjusted in size and shape. All or Most professional clarinets use poly-cylindrical bore with some variations between the German and French schools of thought. For more technical information on how this affects the acoustics check out this great article: Basic Clarinet Acoustics

R13 Prestige Clarinet

Polycylindrical Clarinet

The Buffet Crampon Prestige R-13 clarinet has the advantage of a 40-year long history of craftsmanship and quality. There are two clarinets in the Prestige line an A clarinet and a Bbclarinet. and An option with the R13 Prestige Clarinet is a left-hand Eb/Ab lever that is crafted from top quality unstained wood. This is the responsibility of  Buffet Crampon’s most proven and experienced craftsmen. The Prestige models of the Buffet clarinet range include Alto, Contra-alto, Bass, Basset A and Basset Horn models. These are specialized woodwind instruments created to be played in a variety of styles. With the improvements made to these clarinets, they are an instrument with their own identity. Prestige clarinets help musicians express their own individual style.

R13 Prestige Clarinet Features

  • Finest materials and workmanship
  • Impeccable tone and mechanics
  • Timeless design
  • Top quality case and ligature included

R13 Prestige Bb Clarinet Specifications

  • Key: Bb
  • Pitch: 440 Hz
  • Body: natural African blackwood
  • Bore: poly-cylindrical according to the Buffet Crampon method
  • Bell: special Prestige bore
  • Tenons: metal-capped
  • Keys: 18
  • Rings: 6
  • Thumb rest: adjustable
  • Eb lever: included
  • Keywork finish: silver-plated
  • Keywork and mechanics: forged keys, copper plated then silver plated according the Buffet Crampon method
  • Springs: blue steel springs for ease and accuracy of key movement
  • Pads: 100 % waterproof materials (GT)

R13 Prestige A Clarinet Specifications

  • Level: Artisan
  • Key: A
  • Body, Barrel, and Bell Material: Carefully selected, unstained grenadilla
  • Key Material: Silver-plate
  • Key System: Boehm (French) / 18 keys
  • Special Keys: Auxiliary Eb lever
  • Tone Holes: Undercut
  • Bore Shape: Polycylindrical
  • Bore Size: .576″ (14.64mm)
  • Pads: Gore-Tex
  • Springs: Blue Steel
  • Includes: Case, ligature, cap, and care products
  • Crafted In: France

R13 Festival Clarinet

The R13 Festival Clarinet, while similar to the Prestige model, has a revamped upper bore along with a slightly higher register key than found on a standard R13. The Festival model is a member of the Buffet R13 range and provides a deep, rich, warm and powerful tone. The well-known musical artists Michel Arrignon, Jacques Lancelot and Guy Deplus worked together with Buffet Crampon to create this particular musical instrument. It will help students and teachers alike to interpret a wide arrangement of musical pieces by composers ranging from Mozart through Boulez. R13 Festival Clarinet has an A model and a Bb model available in African blackwood or Greenline.

R13 Festival Clarinet Specifications 

  • Key : Bb, A
  • Tuning : 440 Hz / 442 Hz
  • Body : Dalbergia Melanoxylon, Unstained Grenadilla
  • Bore : Poly-cylindrical
  • Tenons : Metal-capped
  • Barrel Bb : 2.55″ and 2.59″
  • Barrel A : 2.55″ and 2.52″
  • Keys : 18
  • Rings : 6
  • Thumb rest : Adjustable
  • Eb/Ab lever : Standard
  • Keywork : Silver
  • Springs : Needle and flat blue springs
  • Pads : 100% waterproof material (GT), leather and natural cork
  • Options :
  • BC1139L-2 : Bb clarinet, unstained Grenadilla body
  • BC1139GL-2 : Bb clarinet, Green LinE body
  • BC1239L-2 : A clarinet, unstained Grenadilla body
  • BC1239GL-2 : A clarinet, Green LinE body

R13 Vintage Clarinet

Another option is found with the Buffet Crampon R13 Vintage Clarinet which has a bore similar to the original design by Robert Care. Originally designed in 1966, the Vintage model of the Buffet clarinet R13 range has charmed many musicians over the years.  Many clarinet players have chosen this highly regarded instrument for its easy response, and focused fluid tone. These models are especially designed for the musician who enjoys the sound and features of the 1950’s R13 clarinet.

R13 Vintage Clarinet Features

  • Top quality materials
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Professional standard, reissue of the original
  • Tone, power and projection across all registers
  • Quality case and HB ligature included

R13 Vintage Clarinet Specifications

  • Level: Professional
  • Key: Bb
  • Barrel, Body, and Bell: Hand-selected grenadilla wood
  • Keys: Silver-plated
  • Key System: Boehm (French) / 17 keys
  • Toneholes: Undercut
  • Bore Shape: Polycylindrical
  • Bore Size: .571″ (14.50mm)
  • Barrels: 1 grenadilla cylindrical, 1 grenadilla reverse taper
  • Pads: Double skin
  • Springs: Blue steel (French)
  • Includes: Leather pochette-style case, ligature, cap, and care products
  • Crafted In: France

R13 Limitè Clarinet

The professional feel and the quality sound projection of the Limitè has impressed many musicians. Only recently available on the US market, this limited edition Bb clarinet is Handcrafted. Because of the easy response and remarkable accuracy these clarinets are highly recommended by musical teachers for advancing students.

R13 Limitè Clarinet Features


  • Top quality materials
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Professional standard
  • Tone, power and projection across all registers
  • Quality case and HB ligature included

R13 Limitè Clarinet Specifications

  • Handcrafted From Select African Black Wood
  • Silver Plated Keys
  • Newly Designed Adjustable Thumb Rest
  • Poly-Cylindrical Bore
  • Undercut Tone Holes
  • Conical Pad Cups
  • Solid Metal Bell Ring
  • Includes the Buffet case

Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinets are perfect for every musician. If you are a professional or student, an amateur or featured soloists, a teacher or in marching band, this is your Clarinet.

Buffet Crampon R13 Clarinet Models :

  • BC1131-5-0 : Bb clarinet, stained Grenadilla wood, nickel plated keyword finish, 17 keys
  • BC1131G-5-0 : Bb clarinet, Green LinE, nickel plated keyword finish, 18 keys
  • BC1231-5-0 : A clarinet, stained Grenadilla wood, nickel plated keyword finish, 17 keys
  • BC1131-2-0 : Bb clarinet, stained Grenadilla wood, silver plated keyword finish, 17 keys
  • BC1131G-2-0 : Bb clarinet, Green LinE, silver plated keyword finish, 17 keys
  • BC1231-2-0 : A clarinet, stained Grenadilla wood, silver plated keyword finish, 17 keys
  • BC1231G-2-0 : A clarinet, Green LinE, silver plated keyword finish, 17 keys
  • BC1131L-2-0 : Bb clarinet, stained Grenadilla wood, silver plated keyword finish, 18 keys
  • BC1231L-2-0 : A clarinet, stained Grenadilla wood, silver plated keyword finish, 18 keys
  • BC1531-2 : Eb clarinet, stained Grenadilla wood, silver plated keyword finish, 17 keys
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