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    Oh doing everything that i can yeah some saw some of those videos that you did. Oh yeah uh i mean the the one main show. You know oh yeah. Well, you know whatever you can keep your mind occupied so um. When did you play the clarinet? This was when uh. No, it was […]

  • Live with PETER ANDERSON

    Live with PETER ANDERSON

    Yeah it does yeah nice to meet you you too uh. Where are you calling from i’m calling from st petersburg? Okay, so you’re so you’re um you’re in russia? Yeah not florida, not quite but uh go ahead, yeah yeah! So i’m not sure. If you’re aware of the whole thing, but i’m basically […]

  • Live with GILAD HAREL

    Live with GILAD HAREL

    Right that that’s where i saw you first when you’re giving, i think a cluster workshop or something yeah last uh last april. Oh all right! That was an old one, huh! Well uh! Yes, i get one like at the beginning of this whole corona episode, uh. I gave one uh open uh session, […]

  • How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins

    How playing an instrument benefits your brain – Anita Collins

    Translator Rami Nawaya Validator Khalid marbou. Did you know that every time the musicians pick up their instrument Fireworks go off all over their brain? They may appear calm and focused on the outside In reading the notes and applying the required movement accurately and literally, But there is a wild party going on inside […]

  • Live with CHRIS TANNER

    Live with CHRIS TANNER

    It’S always a bit dangerous. You know yeah. I can imagine how many, how many of those you have two two yeah, that’s nice. I just found out that you’re from australia. Originally i’m actually not danish. That’S right! No! I’Ve been living here, 11 years, that’s great yeah! So you know the australian guys, […]

  • The Real Jazz World – The Auditioning Process

    The Real Jazz World – The Auditioning Process

    by Todd Coolman Chances are, amateur or professional musician, that you will have to audition from time to time for playing in situations that you want to be part of. In my years of playing and teaching, I have experienced the audition process from many vantage points. I have been both the evaluator and evaluated, […]

  • Live with BEN KONO

    Live with BEN KONO

    Perfectly okay, you’re in your bunker, yeah, it looks like a bunker right. It’S it’s my basement, studio um! You can do whatever you want there. You do pretty much whatever i want down here as long as it fits the uh the family protocol. As long as it has to do with music, somehow […]

  • Live with EWAN BLEACH

    Live with EWAN BLEACH

    Sorry, you’ve um you’re cutting out. I can’t hear you very well yeah. You were teaching. You helped me before um. That was the intention, but actually no uh. I didn’t have a lesson in the end, so i’ve been uh. I’Ve just been working on promotion, really fun stuff trying to uh. Well, i’ve […]

  • Live with SCOTT ROBINSON

    Live with SCOTT ROBINSON

    You’Re in russia, okay, where in russia, saint petersburg, ah okay, i’ve been there played a couple of times there i’ve been to uh. Well, i was there for a few days. I played uh. I don’t remember now. If i did just one concert or more played the in st petersburg played in moscow […]



    “Clarinetto” is the romantic diminutive, or minor, of “clarion.” The Clarin trumpet (named after Clarino Blasen) of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The “clarinetto” of this period, due to its sound, was related primarily with the upper register of the trumpet.  Ancient Clarinet Instruments using single reeds with a cylindrical tube-shaped bore can be discovered […]