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  • Best Saxophone Brands

    Best Saxophone Brands

    To purchase a saxophone can be challenging if you do not know how to obtain one. This is especially so with the number of saxophone labels available today. It is therefore vital to get all the information you can on the device before you set on to purchasing one. This can even become more necessary […]

  • What are the Best Clarinet Brands

    What are the Best Clarinet Brands

    There are several brands that are eligible to be the best clarinet brands, some of them are more budget conscious and other more perfectionist. The most important when choosing a clarinet brand is to consider which one has a clarinet that is able to perform the level that we present at the moment, and at […]

  • Types of Saxophones

    Types of Saxophones

    One of the richest families of the Woodwind instruments is the saxophone family and the variety of types of saxophones which that belong to it is quite outstanding. The most used of them are the alto and the tenor saxophones, but there are many more, like the soprano, the sopranino, the bass saxophone, the contrabass, […]

  • Buffet Crampon Clarinet Guide

    Buffet Crampon Clarinet Guide

    Buffet Crampon clarinets are known world-wide for having a lovely warm tone. They offer superb response accompanied by a smooth and even intonation. The Buffet Crampon clarinet is played all over the world by many gifted and talented musicians. Whatever the level of musical ability, there is a Buffet Crampon clarinet that will help developing […]

  • Woodwind Instruments

    Woodwind Instruments

    The name of this family of instruments comes from the fact that in the past they used to be crafted from wood. Contemporary woodwinds are made from several materials, like brass, metals, combinations of several raw materials and of course also from wood. Woodwinds have a thin, long column of air. The low note is […]

  • Trumpet Fingering Chart

    Trumpet Fingering Chart

    The Trumpet has been always one of the favorites and most enjoyed brass instruments, and for the novice players, a tool that is always useful is the trumpet fingering chart. The amount of and variety of charts available in the net is awesome and they exist in different styles colors and sizes.Besides you can find […]

  • Alto Saxophone Fingering Chart Explained

    Alto Saxophone Fingering Chart Explained

    For any person that is starting to play alto saxophone ,the alto saxophone fingering chart is particularly important. This amazing tool will be of huge help when we try to comprehend the instrument fingering. Even many alto saxophone fingerings are quite instinctual, there are some that are difficult to imagine, is there when this graph […]