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  • Free Orchestral VST

    Free Orchestral VST

    The evolutionary speed of virtual instruments based on audio samples is dizzying. So much that that it worth to analyze several of the best commercial and free orchestral VST that exist today. The quality of their sounds and, above all, the joints, editing and manipulation of the samples is increasingly versatile and practical. With this, […]

  • VST Instruments Explained

    VST Instruments Explained

    The VST instruments plugins allow you to integrate audio effects and virtual instruments with audio editors, sequencers and computer-based recording systems. The technology used by VST and other similar plugins is based on digital signal processing. And this technique allows to implement software simulations of the sound, behavior and operation of hardware equipment that are […]

  • Contrabass Clarinet

    Contrabass Clarinet

    Contrabass Clarinet Gifts Welcome to the biggest, bad-ass member of the clarinet family used today. Seeing a contrabass clarinet is like sighting Sasquatch. If you are interested in the contrabass, then you are about to enter the wonderful world of deep-sea creature like sounds. Table of Contents This unusual contrabass clarinet, sometimes miss-spelled as “contra […]

  • 10 outstanding Ethnic Woodwind Instruments

    10 outstanding Ethnic Woodwind Instruments

    Woodwind instruments are all over the world, and the variety of them is awesome. You can see them in the most singular shapes, sizes and colors, different sounds and playing techniques. One of the highlights of this spectrum of instruments is the variety of origins where they come from, and the ethnic groups that use […]

  • Brass Band Evolution

    Brass Band Evolution

    The Brass Band is a band that even tough, it can also be formed  by percussion instruments; rigorously it should be established only by brass instruments. In some New Orleans Brass Bands, woodwinds instruments are often seen, but some say that it would be more correctly named brass and reeds bands. Types Of Brass Bands […]

  • Family of Woodwind Instruments Played in Jazz

    Family of Woodwind Instruments Played in Jazz

    People would maybe consider jazz as comfort music. The music is classy and classic and has a sway to it. It gives you relaxation every time you listen to it. Listening to jazz music would probably bring you back to the 60s where men tend to wear suits, ties, and fedora hats. This is a […]

  • Classic Saxophone Players

    Classic Saxophone Players

    The saxophone was invented in the mid 1800 by Adolphe Sax and hence, got the name Saxophone. It belongs to a single reed, woodwind family of instruments consisting of finger keys, a mouth-piece, and a conical metal tube. The construction of saxophone is not uni-body as its created in different parts and each part has […]

  • Mendini Clarinets by Cecilio

    Mendini Clarinets by Cecilio

    There are several reasons why Mendini by Cecilio Clarinet is popularly known as a pillar of musical instruments. If you observe the company’s wind instruments, for instance, you will find out that they offer a wider range of excellent users’ options. Most of these instruments offered by the company have basic designs that best suit […]

  • Yamaha Clarinets

    Yamaha Clarinets

    Are you a musician who wants to take the music to the next level? If yes, then Yamaha clarinets are your best pick. Finding the right musical instrument is not always a walk in the park, but this post can help you make an informed choice as far as orchestral instruments are concerned. Yamaha is […]

  • Buffet Crampon E11 Performance Series Clarinet

    Buffet Crampon E11 Performance Series Clarinet

    For those that desire the standard of a Buffet Crampon single-reed instrument but are on a tight budget, the Buffet Crampon E11 clarinet solves the matter. This is the newest instrument in the Buffet range, with three different models in the key of A, Eb, and C. The E11 Clarinet, made of grenadilla wood, until […]