Family of Woodwind Instruments Played in Jazz

People would maybe consider jazz as comfort music. The music is classy and classic and has a sway to it. It gives you relaxation every time you listen to it.

Listening to jazz music would probably bring you back to the 60s where men tend to wear suits, ties, and fedora hats. This is a very classic look. In the 60s, jazz seemed to be rather segmented. Jazz is probably only for those who have that elegant taste. Others would probably prefer rock and roll at that time.

Now the time has changed. Entering the 21st century, jazz is still around. Although it is still around, the music has evolved. You can still find classic jazz though. But many people of this generation have a different preference toward their jazz music. Jazz nowadays is usually combined with advanced technology in the music industry. You can find people sing jazz with an upbeat tempo sometimes these days. No matter what era it is, there are some components of jazz that stay the same. The fact is that you can still find the family of woodwind instruments played in jazz.


The saxophone is sexy. Some people might actually find it sexy not only because of the sound resulted from the instrument, but also by its name. Playing the saxophone is not easy. We don’t find a lot of people who can play the instrument. But probably one of the most famous saxophonists is Wayne Shorter even tough  Kenny G probably took saxophones to a more popular level. He popularized the instrument and featured a lot of popular artists in his albums.

Nevertheless, saxophones play an important role in jazz. Saxophones bring that expensive touch to the song. Normally you can find it on the bridge of a song. The part where there is no singing, just the instrument. This is near the end of a song. You can hear the saxophone player in other parts of the song too, like the intro. Saxophones are used to introduce the song before the singer actually comes in.


Normally the trumpet gives that exciting element to a song. The sounds produced from the trumpet are quite recognizable. Just by hearing it, you know it’s a trumpet. In jazz music, it is not all about slow music. There are also upbeat jazz songs out there. Usually, these upbeats include a trumpet element. It is smaller than the saxophone and lighter as well. That’s why you can see trumpeters jump up and down while playing the instrument during concerts.


At the beginning of the 20th century, this great woodwind instruments was one of the symbols of the, in those days, trendy music genre known as Jazz. The wave of jazz players originated in New Orleans used it profusely, and the movement continued until the performers who played in the big bands of Jazz kept using it.

Jimmie Noone and Ted Lewis were part of that wave, which with the clarinetist of the “Original Dixieland Jazz Band” Larry Shields contributed to the boom of the instrument in those days.

Prestigious swing bands like especially the Benny Goodman’ Band, lead the way to the pick of the success of the clarinet in that era.


Well, if you’re an amateur, you might not mistake a trombone with a trumpet. They do look quite similar. But they are different in size though. The trombone is much  larger. With trumpets, you see the musician do attractive movements on stage. However, with a trombone, you won’t normally see that. The trombone is heavier of course. Apart from that, the trombone has a rather lazier and lower pitched sound resulted from it. But it is beautiful, and still, something you want to enjoy in jazz music.

Jazz music will continue to stay in the music world. You don’t know how jazz will sound like moving forward but do expect advanced ideas in the genre. Technology will certainly influence the way jazz music will be presented.


The group of Paul Whiteman was one of the uncommon Jazz performers that in the initial decades of the last century used the Bassoon as part of its range of instruments. With the decline of the symphonic Jazz the instrument was seen played in the genre only in counted occasions. Later in the middle in the late decades of the 1900’s, the bassoon had some resurgent, being included in pieces from exceptional artists, like for example Chick Corea.


As we have seen, the woodwind family of instruments has been a key components of the development of the outstanding history of the jazz music,and is sure that in the future the instruments will be used as extensively as have been used in the past.

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