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  • 10 outstanding Ethnic Woodwind Instruments

    Woodwind instruments are all over the world, and the variety of them is awesome. You can see them in the most singular shapes, sizes and colors, different sounds and playing techniques. One of the highlights of this spectrum of instruments is the variety of origins where they come from, and the ethnic groups that use […]

  • Family of Woodwind Instruments Played in Jazz

    People would maybe consider jazz as comfort music. The music is classy and classic and has a sway to it. It gives you relaxation every time you listen to it. Listening to jazz music would probably bring you back to the 60s where men tend to wear suits, ties, and fedora hats. This is a […]

  • Woodwind Instruments

    Men Playing Wind Instrument 1115323

    The name of this family of instruments comes from the fact that in the past they used to be crafted from wood. Contemporary woodwinds are made from several materials, like brass, metals, combinations of several raw materials and of course also from wood. Woodwinds have a thin, long column of air. The low note is […]