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Free Orchestral VST

Free Orchestral VST

The evolutionary speed of virtual instruments based on audio samples is dizzying. So much that that it worth to analyze several of the best commercial and free orchestral VST that exist today.

The quality of their sounds and, above all, the joints, editing and manipulation of the samples is increasingly versatile and practical. With this, we achieve three fundamental objectives: a final result of great quality, the performance of the work in a more personalized way, and less time consumption for its elaboration.

Towards what kind of productions are the free orchestral VST directed?

In general these VSTs are used in the generation of music for image, soundtracks and video setting in general.  As in other tools of this type, there are many samples that suggest ideas, contexts,  and situations. Let’s say that many of the banks that are loaded in combi format (that is, that combine different simple sounds), already show a predisposition: environments of tension, fear, impact, action, comic, calm, etc. However, we don’t think it’s the only possible purpose. Although, of course, for this type of work is perfect, fast and with tremendous quality, the VST opens a huge door to the composition of orchestral bases. What you can do with them is only limited by your imagination.

Video: Free Orchestral VST vs Paid

Between the great orchestral VST that we recommend are:

Garritan Personal Orchestra 5

Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 (ESD); virtual orchestra; contains all important instruments of a big symphonic orchestra and offers more than 500 instruments and articulations,  presents an array of pre arranged instrumental combinations, like orchestral sections, quartets, ensembles, duos and many morer. The Sonic Morphing technology enables realistic dynamic transitions.

The price of the GPO5 is in the lower high range, without thereby giving up exhibiting a well structured orchestra with an exhaustive representation of instruments in  both, soloists and sections.
GPO 5 increases the variety of instruments to the extreme, presenting 70% of new sounds, especially in the section of strings, which totals 500 sounds. Another expression of the magnitude of the jump between previous vesicles and GPO5 is that the number of gigabytes is multiplied from 2 to 12. A size that can be surprisingly low compared to other libraries that exist today, but consider the accurate of the choice of sounds is really attractive as a low-cost solution for the budget concious and also of low disk space consumption.
Thinking about keyboard players, it highlights the presence of 4 piano versions and more than a dozen large organ configurations with even a configurable tube organ with 74 registers. Equally new in matters of voice choirs, and in reality also in each and every one of the families of instruments.
Although it is possible to create own templates and instrumental ensembles gathering instruments, various orchestra and chamber configurations are already created to be able to use them.
‘Scripting’ is another improved section to facilitate the use of sounds, which allows continuous control to make dynamic changes from pianissimo to forte.

It is still based on the ARIA Player engine, being able to operate autonomously on in AU, VST, RTAS plugins.

Synthogy Ivory II American Concert

1951 New York Steinway Piano broadly sampled up to 20 velocity layers with Sample Interpolation technology for smooth note and velocity transitions. The item have actual launch samples, soft pedal samples and pedal noise improvements DSP to recreate Sustain resonance for a realistic damper pedal response It also comes with user controls to vary stereo width, timbre, and perspective, speed response and mechanical noise of the keys.They include ambience, reverb, equalizer and chorus effects and an additional Synthesizer Layer.
Supported formats: VST2, AU, AAXnative and RTAS

Synthogy Ivory II Upright Pianos, Boxed

Four vertical pianos sampled widely: Yamaha U5, A.M. Hume (1914), Honky Tonk Packard (manufactured in 1915), Tack Piano (1900 approx.) With metal tacks inserted in the hammer felt
Harmonic resonance modeling for true sympathetic string resonance and up to 16 velocity layers with sample interpolation technology for smooth note and velocity transitions with DSP to recreate sustain resonance for a realistic Damper pedal response.
Actual launch samples, soft pedal samples and pedal noise improvements, plus user controls to vary the timbre, stereo width and perspective, speed response, mechanical key noise, and cover position.
Effects include: Ambience, Equalizer, Reverb and Chorus.
Half Pedal
Supported formats: AU / VST2 / AAXnative / RTAS
Boxed version

Garritan Instant Orchestra

Virtual orchestra that enables quick and easy production of complete orchestral arrangements. It also contains a variety of pre orchestrated and predefined orchestral sounds, whether special orchestra effects arranged for strings, metals and wind-metal, drums and percussion.

The supported formats are: VST2 / AU / AAXnative / RTAS

Boxed version

Minimum system requirements:

Mac OSX 10.10

Windows 7 (64-Bit)

4 GB of RAM

Multi Core CPU

3 GB hard drive

Internet Connection

Free Orchestral Tutorial Video: Creating Sounds

Here is a list with links where you can get  a variety of Free Orchestral VST:

DSK Overture’s 

Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra

Total Composure Orchestra


Orchestral Strings Once


The world of free orchestral VST is really wide, but we really think that the variety and quality of the products that are sold these days really means that if you choose them rightly these items are very good value.

Virtual orchestral instruments are available in so many forms that the interested really have the alternative to improve their instruments libraries.

Our conclusion is that a free orchestral VST is  really useful, and if you are beginning or have a restricted budget is a terrific solution ,but if you have the possibility to go for the commercial orchestral VST, the amount of shades to include in your creations will grow exponentially.


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