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The free options of choir VST offer excellent performance and good quality, helping to promote independent programmers to participate in the audio industry, and all for free. And that is not all, they also include a package of presets so they  start using them from the first second of the test. But to be honest the most complete and sophisticated plugins are available commercially and the variety of prices is quite ample.

What Is A choir VST?

It is a unique vocal synthesizer, that combines voice coding style synthesis with the possibility of passing written text to voice. You can write any sentence in the text section and Alter Ego will sing it. The synthesizer stands out with its powerful tools of timbral design that allow you to adjust different voice shades.
It is also able to work in polyphonic mode playing chords. The polyphonic capabilities are the feature that allow you to play the chords. All this presented through a well-ordered interface with good contrast and a detailed set of anime characters.

This type of VST generates its vocal information from text with the MIDI data., It supports polyphonic chords for the creation of choirs. It is also possible to adjust the tone and other nuances of the synthesized voice through its range of controls. The text information that the synthesizer uses to generate its voices can be edited directly with a word processor. It is also a free voice synthesizer that you can download among the various ones of that type.

Choir VST Reviews

Alter Ego Vocal VST

Alter Ego plugin is a program that allows us to create and modify voices . It have different packs, many of them are paid, but others can be downloaded for free.This is the case of Daisy, a woman’s voice that allows us write the text and generate voices, in addition to modifying it in different ways . The program works both in “Standalone” mode and as a VST plugin, for both Windows and MAC OS.

Alter Ego Daisy is totally free, but not the ChipSpeech plugin, on which it is based, anyway it is fully functional, But as a curiosity the text supports at the moment only Japanese and English, so if we write in Spanish, the result can be a bit strange. Anyway it is a perfect plugin to create robotic voices and modify them as we please.

The plugin can be downloaded here.

Aquestone 2 Choir VST

The Aquestone2 generator is an improved version of the free voice synthesizer from AQUEST for Windows, which is also offered as a free download for Mac OS X. The processor comes in the form of a 32bit VST plugin and has a light weight of only 216kB. The text information that the synthesizer uses to generate its voices can be edited directly with a word processor. AquesTone2 works at a frequency of 44.1kHz.


Olympus Elements Vst | AU Plugin works with the Kontakt player (free) of Native Instruments.
Olympus Elements is a powerful set of coral tools that puts the basic functionality and rich sound power of the Olympus Symphonic Choir in a compact and easy-to-use package for everyone at an unbeatable price. The VST library is designed for professionals and occasional users, and with years of virtual choral engineering and absolute refinement is an extremely powerful and simple solution that captures the spirit and power of a complete symphonic choir.
Olympus Elements contains only the wide microphone position mixing stage for the 8 main vocal joints: Ah, Ee, Eh, Ei, Ih, Mm, Oh and Oo. The choir is fully configurable, with independent control of the male and female divisions. You will find sustain, staccatos and marcatos, with ppff dynamic stratification and intelligent round robin. This choir has a strong punch and the smooth and velvety dynamics of a piano, which gives it complete expressive control and creative freedom.

Choir Antares Auto-Tune Vst

In case that you want to create choirs from a recorded voice track, ANTARES just released a plugin called Auto-Tune which is an audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies for vocals, and the audience knows that there is no Auto-Tune or anything artificial in their presentations and that there are no recorded choirs.

Free VST plugins abound on the Internet, and it’s great to have so many options, but the Antares Autotunes 8 really make a difference giving you a serie of possibilities to enhance your creations

Voices are sometimes difficult to mix, but these free VST plugins will make the process much easier. There are many guides available on the net that teach how to use these kinds of plugins. Autotune is one of the famous voice creation plugins, and with AVOX and HARMONY are indispensable tools to create choirs and vocals arrangements.

Choir EVO

Choir EVO is a unique voice processor that converts a single monophonic voice into a lush chorus of 4, 8, 16 or 32 different individual unified voices, each with its own tone, timing and vibrato variations.
Choir EVO achieves its magic with a few simple controls. Choir Size allows you to select the number of individual voices that will be generated from the original voice. The vibrato variation, tone variation and time variation controls allow you to control the amount of subtle variation applied to each of the generated voices. Finally, the Stereo Spread control allows you to spread the voices through the stereo field.
Choir EVO is the perfect tool to quickly and easily convert a single voice into a group of voices, each with its own particular style . The result of the combination  of several instances of EVO  allocated to a particular harmony sections is amazingly realistic and highlight the quality of the plugin.

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