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  • Top Choir VST Guide

    Top Choir VST Guide

    The free options of choir VST offer excellent performance and good quality, helping to promote independent programmers to participate in the audio industry, and all for free. And that is not all, they also include a package of presets so they  start using them from the first second of the test. But to be honest […]

  • Mellotron VST

    Mellotron VST

    The music computer industry has experienced great growth in recent years with the development of environments virtual sound creations like the mellotron VST, which are oriented to the average and semi-professional consumer. The attractive graphics interfaces of many of these tools remind the design of video games in the same way that recent hardware control […]

  • Free Orchestral VST

    Free Orchestral VST

    The evolutionary speed of virtual instruments based on audio samples is dizzying. So much that that it worth to analyze several of the best commercial and free orchestral VST that exist today. The quality of their sounds and, above all, the joints, editing and manipulation of the samples is increasingly versatile and practical. With this, […]

  • VST Instruments Explained

    VST Instruments Explained

    The VST instruments plugins allow you to integrate audio effects and virtual instruments with audio editors, sequencers and computer-based recording systems. The technology used by VST and other similar plugins is based on digital signal processing. And this technique allows to implement software simulations of the sound, behavior and operation of hardware equipment that are […]