Classic Saxophone Players

The saxophone was invented in the mid 1800 by Adolphe Sax and hence, got the name Saxophone. It belongs to a single reed, woodwind family of instruments consisting of finger keys, a mouth-piece, and a conical metal tube. The construction of saxophone is not uni-body as its created in different parts and each part has its own specific function. Later, they are joined with each other to get the final product. The saxophone generates sound by  vibrating the reed with the help of air which is further amplified by the body of the instrument. The saxophone family consists of eight different types of saxophones depending on their size and voice pitch.


Famous Saxophone Players

1.Marcel Mule
After the inventor of saxophone himself, Marcel Mule was the second most prominent figure in the world of the saxophone. He is also known as the founder of the French school of saxophone and a lot of his followers also gained fame and are considered well-reputed in the saxophone world. His teachings led to significant improvements and developments in this genre.

2.Sigurd Raschèr
Sigurd Raschèr was also of the same time as of Marcel Mule, however, at first, he was disliked by various composers and musicians. This was due to the fact that he thought that the saxophonist of the era were limited. After working tirelessly, his mastership lead to be considered as the most prominent player of the time. Multiple reputed composers including Milhaud, Glazunov, and Hindemith dedicated their compositions specifically to Raschèr.

3.Coleman Hawkins
Coleman Hawkins who is famously known as Hawk had one of the highly distinguishable sounds. He started his career in 1921 by joining Mamie Smith’s Jazz Hounds and known as a pioneer of several genres.

4.Eugene Rousseau
Rousseau is known as a prominent figure in the genre of classical saxophone and he was also a student of Marcel Mule. He is also credited for the London’s, Vienna’s and Paris’s very first solo saxophone performance. Eugene Rousseau was the president of the North American Saxophone Alliance and the Comité International du Saxophone Moreover, World Saxophone Congress was also cofounded by Rousseau. Achievements also include co-founding the World.

5.Jess Gillam
In the same line of great saxophone players, Jess Gillam of Cumbria descent is a well-known female saxophone player. In 2016, she gained enormous admiration and also made it to the finals of BBC Young Musicians. She is also the ambassador of classical music and highlights the importance of musical education.

6.John Harle
John Harle was not only a saxophonist but also a composer, teacher, and a writer. His achievements also include being the highest recorded saxophone player and the youngest professor ever appointed.

7.Arno Bornkamp
Arno Bornkamp is a highly reputed and famous saxophone player and the receiver of Netherland’s Music Prize and Silver Laurel of the Concertgebouw. He was one of the most prestigious solo saxophone players in the world.

8.Amy Dickson
Amy Dickson of the Australian descent was among the very famous female saxophone players and also a receiver of the first Classic Brit Award. She masters the technique of playing multiple genres and has great control over her tone and saxophone skills.

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