Classic Saxophone Players

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The saxophone was invented in the mid 1800 by Adolphe Sax and hence, got the name Saxophone. It belongs to a single reed, woodwind family of instruments consisting of finger keys, a mouth-piece, and a conical metal tube. The construction of saxophone is not uni-body as its created in different parts and each part has… Continue reading Classic Saxophone Players

Types of Saxophones

One of the richest families of the Woodwind instruments is the saxophone family and the variety of types of saxophones which that belong to it is quite outstanding. The most used of them are the alto and the tenor saxophones, but there are many more, like the soprano, the sopranino, the bass saxophone, the contrabass,… Continue reading Types of Saxophones

Alto Saxophone Fingering Chart Explained

For any person that is starting to play alto saxophone ,the alto saxophone fingering chart is particularly important. This amazing tool will be of huge help when we try to comprehend the instrument fingering. Even many alto saxophone fingerings are quite instinctual, there are some that are difficult to imagine, is there when this graph… Continue reading Alto Saxophone Fingering Chart Explained