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  • Top Choir VST Guide

    Top Choir VST Guide

    The free options of choir VST offer excellent performance and good quality, helping to promote independent programmers to participate in the audio industry, and all for free. And that is not all, they also include a package of presets so they  start using them from the first second of the test. But to be honest […]

  • Mellotron VST

    Mellotron VST

    The music computer industry has experienced great growth in recent years with the development of environments virtual sound creations like the mellotron VST, which are oriented to the average and semi-professional consumer. The attractive graphics interfaces of many of these tools remind the design of video games in the same way that recent hardware control […]

  • Free Orchestral VST

    Free Orchestral VST

    The evolutionary speed of virtual instruments based on audio samples is dizzying. So much that that it worth to analyze several of the best commercial and free orchestral VST that exist today. The quality of their sounds and, above all, the joints, editing and manipulation of the samples is increasingly versatile and practical. With this, […]

  • VST Instruments Explained

    VST Instruments Explained

    The VST instruments plugins allow you to integrate audio effects and virtual instruments with audio editors, sequencers and computer-based recording systems. The technology used by VST and other similar plugins is based on digital signal processing. And this technique allows to implement software simulations of the sound, behavior and operation of hardware equipment that are […]

  • 10 outstanding Ethnic Woodwind Instruments

    10 outstanding Ethnic Woodwind Instruments

    Woodwind instruments are all over the world, and the variety of them is awesome. You can see them in the most singular shapes, sizes and colors, different sounds and playing techniques. One of the highlights of this spectrum of instruments is the variety of origins where they come from, and the ethnic groups that use […]

  • Brass Band Evolution

    Brass Band Evolution

    The Brass Band is a band that even tough, it can also be formed  by percussion instruments; rigorously it should be established only by brass instruments. In some New Orleans Brass Bands, woodwinds instruments are often seen, but some say that it would be more correctly named brass and reeds bands. Types Of Brass Bands […]

  • Family of Woodwind Instruments Played in Jazz

    Family of Woodwind Instruments Played in Jazz

    People would maybe consider jazz as comfort music. The music is classy and classic and has a sway to it. It gives you relaxation every time you listen to it. Listening to jazz music would probably bring you back to the 60s where men tend to wear suits, ties, and fedora hats. This is a […]

  • Classic Saxophone Players

    Classic Saxophone Players

    The saxophone was invented in the mid 1800 by Adolphe Sax and hence, got the name Saxophone. It belongs to a single reed, woodwind family of instruments consisting of finger keys, a mouth-piece, and a conical metal tube. The construction of saxophone is not uni-body as its created in different parts and each part has […]

  • Best Saxophone Brands

    Best Saxophone Brands

    To purchase a saxophone can be challenging if you do not know how to obtain one. This is especially so with the number of saxophone labels available today. It is therefore vital to get all the information you can on the device before you set on to purchasing one. This can even become more necessary […]

  • Types of Saxophones

    Types of Saxophones

    One of the richest families of the Woodwind instruments is the saxophone family and the variety of types of saxophones which that belong to it is quite outstanding. The most used of them are the alto and the tenor saxophones, but there are many more, like the soprano, the sopranino, the bass saxophone, the contrabass, […]