Buffet Crampon E11 Performance Series Clarinet


For those that desire the standard of a Buffet Crampon single-reed instrument but are on a tight budget, the Buffet Crampon E11 clarinet solves the matter. This is the newest instrument in the Buffet range, with three different models in the key of A, Eb, and C.

The E11 Clarinet, made of grenadilla wood, until recently was made at the Buffet Crampon manufacturing facility in Germany. Currently, Buffet Crampon E11 clarinets are created in France – where Buffet’s other professional clarinets are crafted. The Buffet Crampon E11 single-reed instrument may be the most recommended instrument for intermediate players and has been popular with music instructors for years.

The Three Keys of the Buffet Crampon E11

  • Key of A

Buffet E11 A Clarinet: These are perfect for a student who is advancing. The E11 offers many features available on professional clarinets yet at a lower cost.  It is made with a beautiful grenadilla wood body, silver-plated keys with an adjustable thumb rest, and undercut tone holes.

  • Key of Eb

This Eb Clarinet is Increasingly In-Demand. Concert Orchestras and their composers are turning more often to the Eb clarinet in order to make the most of the entire range of clarinets and the unique tone each creates. Buffet Crampon’s E-11 Eb is an intermediate student model fashioned with beautiful grenadilla wood. Its bore enables fluid ease of responsiveness, and now what was thought of as a specialization clarinet, has become accessible to all clarinetists.

  • Key of C

This relatively new model of the E11 is designed for young players and focuses on ease of use and comfort, with its specifically designed ergonomic key design. With the same mouthpiece that is on Bb clarinets, music teachers and clarinet instructors are recommending this E11c clarinet due to its capability to encourage correct embouchure.

AfricanBlackwood Buffet Crampon E11 Body

Known as an excellent producer of 13-key clarinets, French instrument maker Denis Buffet Auger’s brand’s vision is to be the “Global Reference in Wind Instruments”. Buffet Crampon embodies quality and reliability. Buffet e11 clarinet’s body is a wooden clarinet made up of Dalbergia melanoxylon, an African black-wood flowering plant, that is carefully hand brushed for better durability and high quality.

The wood originated in Tanzania and Mozambique. It is dark and strong which provides a richer and deeper sound than clarinets made of plastic. It is important to oil the instrument properly. Make sure the bore is dry. This is the key to maintaining a clear sound and warm tone, which makes it easier to stimulate higher notes with less screech. Students and beginners might have a hard time using this as it needs harder reed and embouchure. It is designed for intermediate and advanced players, but because of its popularity and good quality, even instructors use it.

The Buffet E11 is great for the student looking to upgrade. Once one graduates from their beginner instrument, typically manufactured from plastic to a wood intermediate clarinet, the Buffet Crampon E11 is that the most commonly recommended. With incredible attention to detail and outstanding style and assembly, the E11 features a new design that offers a quality wood Bb clarinet for students. For instance, to improve tone and create a quicker response, the E11 clarinet’s tone-holes are undercut and it’s Boehm-system keys are not stamped metal but forged, Then they’re copper-plated and at last, they’re silver-plated employing a methodology developed by Buffet Crampon. The E11’s key movement is formed precise and simple by the utilization of pointed stainless-steel needle springs instead of lesser quality springs. When one plays rapid phrases the difference in spring action is noticeable. Even the Clarinet’s pads on an E11 are superior. They’re designed from double fish skin, a premium alternative in pad material, insuring superb air sealing. Many will find that the E11 Clarinet’s intonation is astounding even for the throat tones A and B.

history of the Buffet Crampon E11

People have been confused about the history of the E11 Bb Germany and E11 Bb France. The original Buffet E11 Bb was made in Germany. The keys were made with nickel plates. There was a time in production when the German-made Buffet E11 Bb was transitioned to silver-plated keys. The production of these clarinets was outsourced to a company called Schreiber-Keilwerth. Buffet purchased the old Leblanc France factory in 2009, which was intended to move the production away from an outsourced company. Buffet took 100% of E11 Bb’s production under its control. This effectively discontinued the German-made E11 Bb in favor of the E11 Bb France

The E11 is produced by a trusted brand, comes with a leather case, has precise intonation and response, has a deep and rich sound, and is a good instrument for both intermediate and advanced players. But just as nothing is perfect, the product also has its drawbacks. Aside from being costlier than any other intermediate Bb clarinets, it requires frequent maintenance, it is not suitable for beginners, and the player must use harder reeds for quality sound. Overall, the Buffet Crampon E11 Bb would be a good foundation for serious-minded students aiming to become professionals.

As usual, the Buffet Crampon brand has a warranty, which is one of the reasons buying their Clarinets and specifically the Buffet E11 clarinet is a good idea.

Buffet Crampon E11 Features

The E11 France Bb features a new borehole influence by Buffet Crampon’s pro clarinets and modified for student clarinetists. The master craftsmen of Buffet Crampon utilize unstained African blackwood in fashioning the E11 Clarinet. When shaping and creating the clarinet, this durable and sturdy wood is first treated then hand-lacquered to guarantee years of reliable use.

The features include silver-plated key work finish, stainless steel springs, and bladder pads. It has a pitch of 442 Hz and has 17 keys. The quality is good which justifies the cost. Although it is more costly than other advanced-level Bb clarinets, the price you pay for it is worth it. The black bore and silver-plated keys give the player visual and audible appeal. The attention to detail in its design separates the instrument from the ordinary. To enhance pitch precision, the tone holes of the E11 Bb clarinet are undercut. It gives professional-like characteristics for an intermediate price. Upon purchasing the Buffet Crampon E11 Bb clarinet, you will also get an original mouthpiece by Buffet Crampon and a protective brown case. Other accessories included are a swab, cork grease, pencil, and a reed.

the Buffet Crampon E11: The Perfect intermediate Clarinet

It plays very smoothly compared to most beginner clarinets. If this is an upgrade, you will be able to hear a noticeable difference in your playing. This clarinet is perfect for the high-school student going to college as a clarinet major, it plays well enough to be used all the way to graduation. Like all Buffet Crampon, it resonates very well in the mid to lower registers. This is not a Green Line instrument like the R13, so remember to keep it out of bad climate conditions.

This E11 has a  ringless bell and comes furnished with a new model mouthpiece and Vandoren reed. It is delivered in a very cool protective, practical and ergonomic backpack. These Buffet Crampon E11 Clarinets are outstanding quality intermediate instruments every blooming clarinetist would be proud to own.


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