Doreen’s Clarinet Lessons – “Improvisation in 5 easy steps”.


Hello, everyone. It’S me the queen, doreen me and my shine, and today we’re going to teach you all how to improvise in five easy steps. That’S right and these are shorts. So that means i’m not going to talk too much all right and uh. I’M gon na play a little bit. I’M gon… Continue reading Doreen’s Clarinet Lessons – “Improvisation in 5 easy steps”.


caption Oh doing everything that i can yeah some saw some of those videos that you did. Oh yeah uh i mean the the one main show. You know oh yeah. Well, you know whatever you can keep your mind occupied so um. When did you play the clarinet? This was when uh. No, it… Continue reading Live with MICHAEL WINOGRAD


caption Yeah it does yeah nice to meet you you too uh. Where are you calling from i’m calling from st petersburg? Okay, so you’re so you’re um you’re in russia? Yeah not florida, not quite but uh go ahead, yeah yeah! So i’m not sure. If you’re aware of the whole thing, but i’m… Continue reading Live with PETER ANDERSON

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caption Right that that’s where i saw you first when you’re giving, i think a cluster workshop or something yeah last uh last april. Oh all right! That was an old one, huh! Well uh! Yes, i get one like at the beginning of this whole corona episode, uh. I gave one uh open uh… Continue reading Live with GILAD HAREL

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The Mysteries Of Skip James

Can't Find No Heaven: The Mysteries Of Skip James

Skip James’ strikingly singular music was a product of his surroundings, musical iconoclasm, and bizarre psychology. The standard 12-bar blues format and rough Mississippi rhythms were forsaken by James, who, despite the influence of local musicians and blues tradition, created a haunting style that made his music unique.