Day: December 18, 2019

  • Afro-Latin Jazz to Modern Creative Jazz

    Afro-Latin Jazz to Modern Creative Jazz

    Table of Contents The term Afro-Latin covers a huge variety of music, resulting from the combination of elements of African styles with the Spanish, Portuguese, and even French cultures transplanted to South and Central America. The blend was achieved earlier and more thoroughly than any such hybrid in North American music before the 1970s – […]

  • From Cool Jazz to Soul Jazz

    From Cool Jazz to Soul Jazz

    Table of Contents Cool Jazz Cool jazz followed bop but was entirely different in mood, in its approach to arranging, and even in its choices of instruments. World War II was over-the country was relaxed and jazz relaxed. In this era, which began in 1947, many instruments were used in jazz for the first time. […]

  • Scat and Bebop Jazz History

    Scat and Bebop Jazz History

    Table of Contents Scat “Anyone who attempts to sing extemporaneously, that is scat, will tell you that the hardest aspect of that kind of singing is to stay in tune. You are wondering all over the scales, the notes coming out of your mouth a millisecond after you think of them.” Mel Torme Tweet Scat […]

  • Big Band and Swing Music Era

    Big Band and Swing Music Era

    Table of Contents Swing Swing is the jazz style that emerged during the early 1930s and emphasized big bands. Propelled by the popular Benny Goodman, it spilled into the late 1940s and then remained popular in recordings, film, and television music long after its main proponents had disbanded. Most swing-style groups had at least 10 […]

  • Tin Pan Alley Jazz

    Tin Pan Alley Jazz

    Table of Contents Tin Pan Alley “Tin Pan Alley was a real alley on East Fourteenth Street near Third (in New York). But it was never just a place, Tin Pan Alley has come to be known for an era of songwriting when many musical ideas mixed together to form American Popular Music. Tin Pan […]