Buffet e11 clarinet

Known as an excellent producer of 13-key clarinets, French instrument maker Denis Buffet Auger’s brand’s vision is to be the “Global Reference in Wind Instruments”. Buffet Crampon embodies quality and reliability.Buffet e11 clarinet’s body is a wooden clarinet made up of DalbergiaMelanoxylon, African blackwood that is carefully hand brushed for better durability and high quality.


The word originated in Tanzania and Mozambique. It is dark and strong which provides a richer and deeper sound than clarinets made of plastic. It is important to oil the instrument properly. Make sure the bore is dry. This is the key to maintaining a clear sound and warm tone, which makes it easier to stimulate higher notes with less screech. Students and beginners might have a hard time using this as it needs harder reed and embouchure. It is designed for intermediate and advanced players, but because of its popularity and good quality, even instructors use it.

The features include silver plated keywork finish, stainless steel springs, and bladder pads. It has a pitch of 442 Hz and has 17 keys. The quality is good which justifies the cost. Although it is more costly than other advanced-level Bb clarinets, the price you pay for it is worth it. The black bore and silver plated keys give the player visual and audible appeal. The attention to detail in its design separates the instrument from the ordinary. To enhance pitch precision, the tone holes of E11 Bb clarinet are undercut. It gives professional-like characteristics for an intermediate price. Upon purchasing the Buffet Crampon E11 Bb clarinet, you will also get an original mouthpiece by Buffet Crampon and a protective brown case. Other accessories included are a swab, cork grease, pencil, and a reed.

People have been confused about the history of the E11 Bb Germany and E11 Bb France. The original Buffet E11 Bb was made in Germany. The keys were made with nickel plates. There was a time in production when the German made Buffet E11 Bb was transitioned to silver plated keys. The production of these clarinets was outsourced to a company called Schreiber-Keilwerth. Buffet purchased the old Leblanc France factory in 2009, which was intended to move the production away from an outsourced company. Buffet took 100% of E11 Bb’s production under its control. This effectively discontinued the German-made E11 Bb in favor of the E11 Bb France. The product is produced by a trusted brand, comes with a leather case, has precise intonation and response, has a deep and rich sound, and is a good instrument for both intermediate and advanced players. But just as nothing is perfect, the product also has its drawbacks. Aside from being costlier than any other intermediate Bb clarinets, it requires frequent maintenance, it is not suitable for beginners, and the player must use harder reeds for quality sound. Overall, the Buffet Crampon E11 Bb would be a good foundation for serious-minded students aiming to become professionals.

As usual the Buffet Crampon brand is a warranty that always has tobe taken in to account when buying a Clarinet and the Buffet e11 clarinet is a good example.

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