Buffet Crampon Clarinets

It is said that clarinet music that is display in a clarinet fingering chart clams us down by reaching our soul! Listening to music relaxes the state of mind and the pressure we feel due to the stress in our day to day life because of the ectic work routine. Many different musical instruments are available which create different musical notes that create melody. There have been many manufacturers which create different musical instruments and some are specialized in the production on one kind of instrument. The most smoothing tones are said to be produced by Woodwind Instruments and Buffet Crampon are the leading producers of instruments which fall under this category and a good example is the Buffet e11 clarinet.

Buffet Crampon have been producing various woodwind instruments since the year 1825, based from France but later developed branches all over the world. There are two types of woodwind instruments namely flutes and reed Instruments. The sound in the woodwind instruments is produced by the exhaled air of the artist which goes through a sharp edge or series of edges made in the instrument. Buffet Crampon produces Flutes, Reeds, Double Reed, Clarinet and Saxophones. But the specialization is in Clarinets as they produce various models of Clarinets and have been chosen by many famous artists.

A Clarinet comes from the woodwind family of instruments. It has a single reed mouth piece with a long cylindrical tube with multiple holes with lids designed throughout the body. The sound in a Clarinet is produced when a clarinetist (the one how plays a clarinet) blows air into the mouth piece and a melody is created when the clarinetist places the fingers on these serial openings creating different sound variation. The clarinet is said to have the highest range and sound pitch among all its family member of the woodwind instruments. The pitch greatly depends on the material used to make the clarinet which include wood, brass, hard rubber, plastic and even resin and ivory. The Buffet Crampon have earned their name among the Clarinettists to have provided them with the best quality clarinets. The provide versatile models of clarinets which include Harmony Clarinets, Bass Clarinet and Soprano clarinets which is divided into Student, Intermediate and Professional variants. Buffet Crampon have produced many clarinet models since 1825 but many of them are no longer in production due to the changes and upgrades in the modern clarinets, but many of the old and classic Buffet Clarinets are still in production due to their unique sound outputs which have made many people like it. The Buffet Clarinet have been very popular among professional Clarinettist as it is the most chosen brand by them. The student models of clarinets produced by Buffet Crampon are most made from resin where as the intermediate and professional clarinets are made using Granadilla Wood which is famous for being the mainly used material in many wood wind instruments for a very long time.

The Buffet Clarinets are very precise and can produce the sound quality of a versatile range. The pitch these instruments are capable of producing varies on the model of clarinet. Buffet clarinets are one of the most used clarinets across the world due to its excellent and clear sound quality, versatile pitch range and being very light and handy.

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